Penguin Cold Therapy Pad - Universal pad - Knee Shoulder or Body - CSZ

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A Hot/Cold Therapy pad
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cold pad
localized cold pad, no straps, or tubes attached, urethane
Temp-Pad® cold therapy pads utilize the latest technology to provide superior controlled cold therapy and are ideal for use with the Penguin Cold Therapy cooler, the CSZ Electri-Cool II and Portable Cold Therapy Unit.

The Universal pad is shaped to be used almost anywhere on the body.  It is great for wrapping around joints like the knee, elbow or shoulder, or can be used in larger areas like the back or legs. The pads are non-sterile.

Pliable, even at their coldest, foam-backed urethane Temp-Pad® products resist stiffening and conform better to body contours. The random flow pattern assures a consistent temperature across the pads for uniform therapy, while the foam insulation on the pad and hose help prevent condensation.