Hely Weber Velocity Knee Brace 12"
Hely Weber Velocity Knee Brace 12"

Hely & Weber Velocity Hinged Knee (Pull Up) Brace 16"

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A 16" Hinged knee brace Pull up Brace
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knee Brace
16" brace

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The longer 16" Hely-Weber Velocity Hinged Brace is great for returning to sports after ACL and MCL injuries.

Includes Range-of-Motion stops for a full range of motion brace, a knee immobilizer, or anywhere in between. The brace is constructed of Kuhl™ perforated neoprene to maximize patient comfort and compliance This brace has a pull up design, with removable hinges for easy brace cleaning.

Compare to the Don Joy Playmaker or the Breg Pull Up Shortrunner and Roadrunner braces.  For the shorter 12" version, see the Hely-Weber Velocity Hinged Knee 12".

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