Breg WrapOn Polar Care Cube Pads - Knee, Back, Wrist, Ankle, TMJ.

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Breg WrapOn pads for the Polar Care Cube Cooler
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Multi-Use, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Anle, Back, Hand/Wrist, TMJ
Please note: An insulation barrier must be applied between the WrapOn Pads and the patient's skin.
Breg Item IDs: 04700, 04730, 04790, 04905
Terms of Purchase: (Read Carefully) See Cautions and Warnings Below

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Breg’s unique WrapOn Polar Pads feature elastic straps that conveniently wrap around the joint and affix to the pad, eliminating the need for foam or ace wraps.

WrapOn pads are compatible with the Polar Care Cube, Polar Care Glacier and the Polar Care Cub only.